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Guide to Choosing Your Tennis Strings


In the world of tennis, the right strings are as vital as the right racquet. They can transform your game, providing the exact balance of power, control, and feel you need. This guide aims to demystify the process of choosing the best tennis strings for your style of play.

Understanding String Materials:

  • Natural Gut: Known for its superior feel and tension retention, natural gut is the preferred choice for players seeking maximum power and comfort. It's more sensitive to moisture but offers the best responsiveness.
  • Synthetic Gut: A more affordable option, synthetic gut strings offer a good balance of feel and durability. They're great for recreational players who want a decent playability without breaking the bank.
  • Multifilament: Composed of numerous microfibers, multifilament strings provide excellent comfort and power, making them ideal for players prone to arm discomfort or those seeking a gut-like feel.
  • Polyester: Favoured by advanced and professional players, polyester strings are durable and provide a firm feel, allowing for aggressive shots with lots of spins.

String Tension:

  • High Tension: Provides better control and a more stable feel for advanced players who generate their own power.
  • Low Tension: Increases the power and depth of shots, beneficial for players looking for a more forgiving string bed.

String Gauge:

  • Thin Gauge (18-19): Offers enhanced playability and spin but is less durable.
  • Medium Gauge (16-17): A versatile option, offering a balance between durability and performance.
  • Thick Gauge (15-16): Maximizes durability, ideal for frequent string breakers or heavy hitters.

String Shape and Texture:

  • Round Strings: Deliver a consistent and traditional feel, suitable for all-around play.
  • Textured Strings: Designed with either a rough surface or unique shape to grip the ball better, increasing spin potential.

Hybrid Stringing:

Combining different types of strings (e.g., polyester with multifilament) in a hybrid setup can provide the benefits of both: durability from one type and comfort or playability from another.


Your choice of strings should align with your playing style, whether you prioritize power, control, comfort, or spin. TRU PRO offers a diverse range of strings to meet these needs. For control, try our "Black Knight", for spin, the "Firewire" is ideal, and for durability, the "Durafluxx" stands out.

Explore TRU PRO’s selection of high-performance tennis strings to find the perfect complement to your racquet. Elevate your game by choosing strings that suit your play style.

This expanded version provides a comprehensive overview of each aspect of string selection, ensuring readers have all the information they need to make an informed decision.