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STRING INNOVATION: Highest production standards - in 2017 our research/development team engineered a co-polyester compound that is superior in tension stability and string stiffness to most poly strings in the tennis industry (lab test results by the United States Racquet Stringers Association)
INDEPENDENCE: We are completely independent from any major tennis e-commerce/retail store. This puts TRU PRO ambassadors in a very favorable position when it comes to promoting and selling our products to their clientele!
TECHNOLOGY: We are using state of the art e-commerce technology which allows ambassadors and sponsored players to order all our products at discounted prices directly from our website.


String Innovation

Our strings receive excellent reviews throughout the web, from Ghost Wire being the front-runner for the softest co-poly in the industry to Firewire arguably offering the best spin potential.

Competitive Pricing

Due to our independence from major retailers, we can offer our customers great prices and ambassadors/distributors exceptional discounts.

Industry Trends

The current interest in arm-friendly co-polyester strings in the tennis industry has significantly raised the demand for our products over the past 2 years, for Ghost Wire and Black Knight in particular. They are both rated as one of the softest co-poly strings with one of the highest tension stability on the market to this date.

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We offer strings for EVERY level player, from the beginner to the professional player. Not sure which is the right string choice? We are always happy to provide a customized string recommendation!

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TRU PRO engineered poly strings with the requirements of high level players in mind: durable, high tension stability, exceptional directional and depth control, access to spin.
For our young champions we offer one of the softest co-poly string in the industry. Even better, this string comes in a super thin 19g (1.10mm), ideal for players who want to transition from synthetic gut/multi/nylon to a poly string

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We welcome all inquiries for the right of international distribution. Our product line will cover a broad spectrum of innovative tennis strings. They have been well tested and receive outstanding reviews on and off the court.

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