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TRU PRO Tennis String Lab Testing Results (USRSA)

The United States Racquet Stringers Association explains the lab test procedure as follows: All strings were tensioned to 62 pounds and allowed to sit for 200 seconds. Then the string was hit five times with a force equivalent to hitting a 120 mph serve. The tension loss represents the total amount of the relaxation over both time and impact. The stiffness value is a calculation derived from the amount of force created at impact to stretch the string. Lower values represent softer strings and lower impact forces. Higher values represent stiffer strings and higher impact forces.

Durafluxx 12816 (1.28mm)16.87244
Durafluxx 12317 (1.23mm)15.67231
Durafluxx 11818 (1.18mm)20.27196
Ghost Wire 12716 (1.27mm)16.27188
Ghost Wire 12217 (1.22mm)14.77181
Ghost Wire 11718 (1.17mm)18.69167
Ghost Wire 11019 (1.10mm)23.77146
Strike Force RIP 12816 (1.28mm)20.49199
Strike Force RIP 12317 (1.23mm)21.94183
Strike Force RIP 11818 (1.18mm)19.31171
Firewire 13016 (1.30mm)14.18236
Firewire 12517 (1.25mm)13.85221
Firewire 12018 (1.20mm)15.41195
Black Knight 12816 (1.28mm)14.95203
Black Knight 12317 (1.23mm)15.39197
Black Knight 11818 (1.18mm)17.84173
Tour Status 13016 (1.30mm)14.66217
Tour Status 12517 (1.25mm)16.49206
Tour Status 12018 (1.20mm)15.86203
Atomos 13016 (1.30mm)19.93320
Atomos 12517 (1.25mm)18.88309
Atomos 12018 (1.20mm)19.65297
Triumph 13016 (1.30mm)12.13174
Triumph 12517 (1.25mm)12.35146

String Comparison

Babolat RPM Blast1.25mm17.13273
Luxilon Alu Power1.25mm17.13242
Head Lynx Edge1.25mm21.59181
Head Hawk Touch1.25mm14.97287
Yonex PolyTour Spin1.25mm15.41212
Yonex PolyTour Rev1.25mm17.33279
Tecnifibre Black Code1.27mm18.03225
Luxilon 4g1.24mm13.3249
Diadem Solstice Black 1.25mm21.10262
Solinco Confidential1.25mm14.95285
Solinco Hyper G1.25mm15.56290
Mayami Big Spin1.25mm17.18247
Mayami Hepta Power1.24mm14.53268
Tourna Big Hitter Silver1.25mm13.41198
Ytex Hexagon X1.25mm13.12303
Ytex PolySpin1.27mm18.99284